Our Daily Routines

First thing in the morning

After giving thanks for another blessed day, we look in the mirror and tell ourselves, “I love you” then we drink our spring water with our supplements that consist of 10 drops under the tongue of Clean Slate, 1 Zero-In capsule, and one sachet of Restore.

Then after listening to some good music or meditative sound, we have a glass of green juice made in a masticating juicer (2 ribs of celery, one green apple, half a cucumber, and one kale leaf with one handful of green grapes.

Plankton: increase in regenerations, elasticity, collagen production.

Bioavailability…. efficacy and safe… steady state and peak plasma. Continues to work for a longer time. Meaning that if you forget to order another set, your face won’t reverse to is old state, yet Reno goes in and fixes the “problem areas”.

It’s a WORKOUT FOR YOUR FACE: with 49% protein it targets neurotransmission. This is skin care that starts in your hand with vit minerals, proteins, amino acids and that is all going into the skin while helping the rest of the body. Helping 2-in-1!

Reno has Anti-inflammatory processes that will help the skin with dermatitis, rosacea, wounds, and even give it a radiation protection-barrier. Reno also helps with:

  • Resistance against stress,

  • assists in DNA repair,

  • healing the bad cells like skin cancer.

  • Provide defense.

  • Algae with all the ingredients to help in this area.

  • Cell viability to help the metabolism of the skin work well.

  • Increase intracellular level of ATp from the skin Just gave the skin a workout program.

    IL1R IL12 Dr Rahm worked to make it protect the immune system and slow down the inflammatory cascade. Protects the outside in. Used for any age group. Rashes for babies. Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne.

New skin cells grow. By growing new skin cells aging seems to have stopped and starts to reverse. This is because of the regulation in fibroblast cells. (Fibroblasts are confined to connective tissue stabilize every organ)

  • Helps with the signaling in the cells to help with it.

  • Photo aging helps with the regulation.

  • Apoptosis and anti-apoptosis properties. (Program cell death and a slow death) Apoptosis of a good cell is bad.

  • Targets thriving and not cell death.

  • Makes bad cells wanna die and leave. Clinical trials show.

Wound healing properties. By working with the Inner cellular matrix and the energetic matrix combined, throughout our bodies, helps everything work cohesively together for wound healing.

Skin is the super protector and super organ! Stop environmental factors. Reno gives the skin the ability to clean itself and lift itself. Firming on the cellular surface (matrix) on the skin.

Clean Slate

Clean Slate has been case studied for efficacy in asthma treatment. *It is important to note that Clean Slate does include 3 ingredients BUT are encapsulated into one product and should not be taken individually or the efficacy of the treatment is compromised. They work because of how they are formulated together! Isolate dosing will not have the same outcome. (*medical disclaimer: please do not try to isolate dose with silica as it can have a negative effect on the lung tissue)

Clean Slate is Formulated by Dr. Christina Rahm PhD EdD PsyD, MS nanotechnologist and bioscience engineer. It is formulated with a specific and unique bioavailable silica, vitamin C, and trace minerals which are encapsulated to be delivered as one. Together they remove the inflammation of the tissue and regenerate healthy lung tissue. Also they aid the alveoli of the lungs to transport oxygen.

It’s important for good health!

We, as a family, take Clean Slate twice a day. The benefits it gives us by cleaning out our system while simultaneously replacing it with trace minerals and vitamins needed in its place.

You can use Clean Slate both internally as well as in the nebulizer. You must use a referral code to access Clean Slate or any of Dr. Rahm’s formulations. The Lourdes And Chris Show referral code is CreateOptionC and can be found by going to https://therootbrands.com/CreateOptionC or click by clinking Here

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