Dr. Grant the Quantum Field Doctor


Depth Healing Technology is a profound marriage of cutting edge Quantum Sciences with Ancient Mysticism channeled directly through Param Jyoti Sri Amma Bhagavan.

How It Works in Simple Terms

Depth Healing’s Foundational Technology, grounded in Quantum Physics, founded by Dr. Ted Morter, is an application of frequencies that are used to first erase a negative belief or download in the client’s subconscious mind with what is termed, a DESTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE WAVE.​

This is immediately followed by the appropriate CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE WAVE which replaces the source of the cognitive dissonance with a greater level of consciousness, coherence, and complexity.

This process rewires the client’s brain, altering their perception which changes their vibration engaging the Universal Law of Resonance at their new level. Thus their physiology upgrades and heals and their life changes to match the new higher level of consciousness and integration.

The Heart Coherence Meditation is extensively researched at the Peer Review Level and bestows many recorded gifts, acting as the support system for their continued evolution and empowerment.

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