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Dementia What I used to help my mom.

My Protocol

Daily, after breakfast, I start the morning with ten drops of Clean Slate under her tongue twice a day. 1 Restore sache once a day, and two zero-In once a day.

I also added 1 capsule of Dr. Nuzum’s Brain Health supplement.

She continues to improve, and though she has her moments, the improvements are remarkable.

These are available through Root but require a referral code.

Why a referral code? This ensures you get support along the way!

Referral Code: CreateOptionC

Dr. Nuzum's Bio

Daniel Nuzum CTH, Ph.D., grew up in a family of naturopaths and learned about natural medicine while growing up with his 32 adopted brothers and sisters while assisting his parents with creating herbal and homeopathic remedies for his disabled siblings. As Daniel grew, so did his interest in Natural Medicine.

He began his formal training as soon as he was old enough to enter Naturopathic Medical school and became the youngest licensed Naturopathic Physician in US history. After years of University study, “Doc,” as so many lovingly call him, amassed a tremendous amount of understanding on the workings of Natural Medicine and has gone as far as to complete multiple PhDs in various aspects of the field.

Doc has been licensed by various Tribal Medical Boards over the years and is presently Licensed as a Certified Tribal Healer by the First Nation Medical Board.

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Silverite Perfect Bed Pillow

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