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Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The Lourdes & Chris Show is centered around health and wellness. It is an invitation to transform deeply ingrained perceptions surrounding how we look at health. Lourdes and Chris will not only share information on health and nutrition but will also host doctors and medical professionals as guests to share their truths.

The Lourdes & Chris Show

Lourdes and Chris are deeply passionate about medical freedom, and the right for people to make their own decisions, but they are fed up with the one-sided narrative and frankly a lifetime of conditioning that we have all experienced. It is time for our conversations surrounding our health to shift, and for people to start educating themselves to make informed decisions surrounding health. Lourdes and Chris are here to have that conversation unabashed and unafraid.

Be the change.

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Heal One Day at a Time


Option C Formula

Lourdes and Chris illustrate their "Option C Formula" approach to healing using psoriasis (a growing health concern amongst people) as an example of using the Option C Formula. Lourdes & Chris offer insights into Lourdes'desire to sew people, and Chris shared an embarrassing trip to the doctor when he was diagnosed with psoriasis 23 years ago.You can get the Trinity Pack or Clean Slate from Root Brands using the referral code: LourdesAndChris

Seven Emotional Centers

The seven emotional Centers and how they affect your health! Emotions and certain personalities can create health problems and even become critical. What are they, and how can you turn that around?Learn about the seven emotional centers that can significantly affect your health. Things you can do to help yourself.

Lourdes & Chris Discuss Finance & Health

How finance and health work hand in hand and things you can do to achieve your optimum health. Looking for several folks who are ready to improve their health in 4 weeks. Folks ready to take the bull by its horn get on a few supplements, diet changes, exercise, and weekly check-ins. Keeping a journal on your progress. If you are interested, email us at, and we can get you started. $55 off using referral code: JuiceLady There are lots of videos on

Oxygenated Water Bath

All the benefits of Oxygenated Water Baths, from beautiful young looking skin to amazing and lovely sleep. Find out more in this episode.

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Lourdes & Chris compare today's issues with the Nuremberg Code

Lourdes & Chris share articles and information about the Nuremberg Code and how we see it being violated today. What is going on?

Lourdes & Chris with Christopher Key

Looking for another way to heal, and you are fighting an illness, and you hate conventional medicine and would love to try something natural from God's green earth so your body does the job it was meant to do?
Then this is one exciting episode you want to watch. Learn about the antidote to the jab effects and reversal to all issues allowing your body to do it right.

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To reach Christopher go to
or his cell (205) 936-9803

Brain Shrinkage! Healthy habits to help the brain.

The things one can eat or do to have a healthy brain. To get 15% off your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

L & C with T & C Propa

The Lourdes & Chris Show discusses healthy habits with T & C. To get 15% off your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

The Lourdes & Chris Health Freedom Expo and more

The Lourdes & Chris Show shares clips, photos, and some great and exciting information they experienced at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo. They also cover Root Brands and so much more. To get 15% off your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

The Lourdes & Chris Show Discuss Sleep and the importance of it.

The Lourdes & Chris Show talks about the importance of sleep and what hours give the most healing. To get 15% off your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

The Lourdes & Chris Show Behind the Scenes

Lourdes and Chris take you behind the scenes, provide insight into their weekly show's inner workings, and reveal why they have specific aspects and set pieces on the show. Lourdes and Chris also discuss how they decided to have a weekly show and the path that brought them here. To get 15% off on your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

Lourdes & Chris discuss what they do as Caregivers

Lourdes and Chris discuss their experiences as caregivers and offer tips and insights they have learned. To get 15% off on your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris To sign up for free on Root Brands, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

Lourdes & Chris talk Option C vs M T

Lourdes and Chris discuss Option C as a way to counter M T. Through examples that the two have used, Option C, they share the concept called Option C Opportunity and explain how important it is to take control of your options. To get 15% off on your Nuzum products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris

Lourdes & Chris Discuss Dementia and Lourdes' mom

In a special episode where Lourdes and Chris discuss their personal story about Lourdes' mother and her dementia: through a conversation with Lourdes' sister, we learn about where their mother was healthwise and how she has improved. Lourdes and Chris discuss their Option C approach to getting Lourdes' mom healthy and more cognitive. To get 15% off on your Nuzum's products, use promo code: LourdesAndChris

Doc Nuzum is Back!!! (Part 2!!!)

Dr. Nuzum finishes his detox funnel and teaches us the most optimal way for us to detox! We also learn about mineral deficiency, and Doc blows our mind with an exercise he has his patients go through when he is treating them (hint: it's all about mindset).

Doc Nuzum is back! (Part one of two)

We are pleased that Dr.Nuzum could join us for another conversation about health! Doc Nuzum discusses his "Detox Funnel." We learn the importance of digestive enzymes and how amazing Fulvic Acid is! Use Promo Code: LourdesAndChris and get 15% off on Dr. Nuzum's products.

Lourdes & Chris Talk Nutritional Intake

Our nutritional intake is the first and foremost important step to ensuring optimal health. Lourdes and Chris discuss mindfulness with our dietary intake and offers their protocol as an option. Use Promo Code: LourdesAndChris and get 15% off Dr. Nuzum's products.

L & C Doc nuzum Inflammation Part 2

You can use this long form paragraph to tell your story. This is an opportunity to showcase a unique moment that captures the spirit of your brand.

Doc Nuzum Inflammation part 1

Our in-house health doctor Doc Nuzum is back to talk about Inflammation! The good doctor also covers leaky gut and workout practices and reveals how he's out to break the NFL bench press record because he's a beast! Use code LourdesAndChris for 15% off your order at

Lourdes & Chris with Scientist Dr Christina Rahm

A fantastic conversation with Dr. Christina Rahm on cure the cause, root brands, and why she came up with these amazing bio-nutritional products. Reverse aging and so much more. To get these fantastic products, go to and use referral code: CreateOptionC

Dr. Christina Rahm has an extraordinary mind with a passion for helping others. Her Native American and eastern European heritage influenced her approach to health and wellness, in addition to her multifaceted education from Cornell and Harvard Universities in Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Management, Nutrition, Education, and Philosophy, as well as a Master of science.

Dr. Rahm has worked as a medical, clinical, and research scientist in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotechnology industries for Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen Idec/Biogen, UCB, Bristol Meyers Squibb, and Alexion. Additionally, she worked on the corporate side for Pfizer, Biogen, and Janssen and is currently the Chairman of the International Science Nutrition Society and Chief Science Officer for ROOT Wellness.

Dr. Rahm has also served as a formulator for several companies and manufacturing labs, including her own. She has created multiple provisional patents, proprietary formulas, and trade secrets in addition to authoring her first book, Cure the Causes: Live the Life you Want, Not the One Prescribed. Through years of laboratory research and ethical observations, she has developed a personalized and predictive consulting company working on everything from the environment to DNA and detox wellness plans in which Dr. Rahm helps clients reset their bodies and minds to be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and physically balanced. Dr. Rahm is well-known for speaking from her heart with honesty, integrity, and down-to-earth wisdom. She truly believes failure, more than success, has helped her realize that her hard work has put her in the perfect position to serve others. Dr. Rahm has made it her mission to help others create a healthy environment and meaningful life by eliminating internal and external negative influences.  After battling Lyme disease in her twenties, and multiple bouts of cancer to the present day, Dr. Rahm has learned to deal with them through the academic, professional, spiritual, emotional, and instinctive discoveries she has made at every stage in her life while working with more than 80 countries.

Lourdes & Chris Trip to Mexico part 2 with God's Divine hands

Some scenes are hard to watch. It is the raw footage of Lourdes battling cancer. Their trip to Mexico and God's Divine hands stepping in every step of the way. Sending his messengers. What it took to turn days left to live around to a full and healthy life. Now on a mission given by God. Get 15% off Dr. Nuzum's products by using the promo code: LourdesAndChris go to Get on root brands using referral code: CreateOptionC and sign up for free to purchase your Trinity pack. Reverse aging.

Lourdes and Chris Go to Mexico part 1

Lourdes and Chris talk about their trip to Mexico. Part 1 Get 15% off Dr. Nuzum's products using Promo Code: LourdesAndChris

Van Doren the Intuitive Medium Episode 13

Van Doren shares her life of listening to God's messages to help others get aligned in their life. She is an Intuitive Medium. She has helped many who were crossing over and their families.

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Episode 12                         RN Kimberly Overton

Lourdes & Chris talk with RN Kimberly Overton about what really killed the patients at the hospitals and why she left her career with the hospital after working her whole life to be an RN and founded the Nurse Freedom Network.

The truth about Remdesivir and as many like to call it "Run Death is Near"

Why do patients die at hospitals and not at home or in the streets from this virus?

The Detox Girls E 11

The Detox Girls Episode 11. Referral code: CreateOptionC

Episode 10

Dr. Paul Barattiero

Dr. Barattiero is the Founder and CEO of Synergy Science, Inc.™. Use coupon code: LCS and get 10% off.

Dr. Nuzum's amazing products.

Episode 9 Cherie Calbom The Juice Lady

Cherie Calbom, MS, the Juice Lady, is the author of 36 books on juicing and detoxification. She offers Juice & Raw Food Cleanse Retreats throughout the year and weight loss and detox programs. She is America’s Most Trusted Nutritionist. Cherie Calbom is a leading authority on juicing and souping for health and detoxification. Known as The Juice Lady, TV chef, and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped pioneer the fresh juice movement worldwide. A graduate of Bastyr University with a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition, Cherie is the author of 35 books, including The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green.

Season 1 Episode 8

Click on photo to watch episode.

EMF, what to do in case of symptoms from s h e d d I n g and much more.

Lourdes and Chris speak with Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom. (American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy 1994) served on the board of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (1999-2001), currently serving on the Board for Trinity School of Natural Health and United Precious Metals Association. Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic practitioner, an author, and an expert in silver and copper therapeutics.

Season 1 Episode 7 Part 2

Dr. Nuzum Microbiome, Strep Throat, Gut, Three Steps to Healing. How to change the environment. What hormones are you going to create today?

We have 65,000 enzymatic chemical reactions that go on in the liver to clean your blood. Enzymes first before doing probiotics. If your gut pH is high your body pH will become low.

Season 1 Episode 7 Part 1

Dr. Nuzum Microbiome, Strep Throat, Gut, Three Steps to Healing. How to change the environment. What hormones are you going to create today?

Daniel Nuzum CTH, Ph.D., grew up in a family of naturopaths and learned about natural medicine while growing up with his 32 adopted brothers and sisters while assisting his parents with creating herbal and homeopathic remedies for his disabled siblings. As Daniel grew, so did his interest in Natural Medicine.

Doc has been licensed by various Tribal Medical Boards over the years and is presently Licensed as a Certified Tribal Healer by the First Nation Medical Board.

Season 1 Episode 6

Lourdes and Chris discuss the Quantum field and Cognitive Dissonance with Dr. Grant Kruhly. Dr. Grant Kruhly is a Specialist in Morphic Field Physics and Ancient Mystic Wisdom. Founder of Depth Healing Technology discusses cognitive dissonance and how it affects your whole mind, body, and spirit regarding your health and what can be done to improve your health and life. Depth Healing Technology is a profound marriage of cutting-edge Quantum Sciences with Ancient Mysticism channeled directly through Param Jyoti Sri Amma Bhagavan. The Primary Focus of Depth Healing Is the total removal of the Cognitive Dissonance responsible for the client’s issues, illnesses, struggles, and seeming failures.

Season 1 Episode 5

Lourdes & Chris go over the importance of Nourish, Balance, and Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Spirit to stay on a healthy lifestyle. Why doing a coffee enema is so important and their benefits. The benefits of this and steps you can take to get there. Dr. Daniel Nuzum's principle number 4.

Colonic Board: Enema Bag: Enema Coffee: (I think? Do we even get this from Amazon?) Foot Detox Machine:

Season 1 Episode 4

Lourdes and Chris speak with Naturopath Sharyn Wynters, who shares her incredible story of meeting Dr. Kelly and how she beat cancer. We touch on what is going on today and what we can do to stay healthy and cleansed. In this episode, Dr. Nuzum shares Principle number 3. (use promo code on your purchase on a Silverite pillow and get a 20% discount). Please help us help others. Donate today.

Borax: Baking Soda: Bentonite Clay: Epsom Salt:

Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, we talk with our dear friend, a naturopathic Sharyn Wynters. We discuss how toxins affect our daily life and what to do about it. Dr. Daniel Nuzum shares his health principle number 2. And we share his excellent supplements that we enjoy taking daily to keep our health and immune system strong. httpps:// For your 20% off your Silverite pillow, use discount code OptionC

Season 1 Episode 2

We discuss the differences in omegas and their essential role in our overall health. Kristina Lavoy will talk about her journey back to health and how Omega 3 fatty acids saved her life. You also don’t want to miss Dr. Daniel Nuzum’s Philosophy of Healing, part one of five  @TheLCShowl

Season 1 Episode 1

What is Option C, and why is it life-saving? Lourdes and Chris discuss Option C's philosophy, how it saved Lourdes' life, and how it can save yours. We will also be introducing our dear friend Dr. Dan Nuzum. Website to his incredible healing products. To watch a full episode without censorship go to

Click on photos to Our Books

Cancer Doesn't Have To Be A Death Sentence! In this book Our Journey To Option C you will find the story of a very courageous couple and their struggle to fight her cancer with whatever worked best for her. It is an excellent read. You will encounter almost certain death, a desperate fight to survive and an indomitable spirit and will to win the battle. You will be encouraged to seek what is best for you in whatever your battlefield is, because Option C is not limited to only cancer or even only to disease. It is a guiding principal for any struggle or problem life may throw at you. You will be blessed by the courageous story that is written within these pages. Dr. Dan Rogers, M.D., Ph.D., N.M.D., FMCM. Founder of the GersonPlus Therapy and Rogers Therapy

Supplements we Trust.

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